Fun websites

A list of fun websites to check out.

Name Description URL
The Post Office A small imageboard website like a post office
Windows93 Myspace website Comfy Myspace like website, thanks Tom!
Lainchan Comfy imageboard like 4chan but a bit less retarded
I know what you download Check with IP address what torrent downloads were done
Peelopaalu Website with a lot of other links to websites
Every Fucking Website Example of soulless websites Random pics of the great Richie Steez himself
Collab VM Take turns with operating a online virtual machine
Stumbling On Stumble upon random websites with a click
Dankmaymays Some nice dank maymays
Cameron's World Website with beautiful mark-up
Cult of the Dead Cow Some long running underground computing cult or something
Timecube Time is literally a fucking cube
I love Jar Jar Binks JJ Binks was the best thing to happen to Star Wars
TempleOS A website with info about Terry A Davis's OS
Richard Stallman and the Parrots Some pictures of RMS with parrots
The most amazing website on the internet Literally the most amazing website, next to mine ofc
Nonfree News Joke journalism about the tech world (dead) > Archived
Nonfree Pizza Just try and order a pizza without nonfree software (dead) > Archived
Make front-end shit again a shitty website front-end Conga song, loud
Ironsm4sh The game of life
Radio Garden Listen to radios around the world
Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? Well?
Windows 93 The forgotten Windows 93
OMFGDOGS Some wild dogs
Bouncing DVD logo The DVD logo that bounces to the corner of a screen
Hardcore Prawn Lawn I don't know man
Library of Babel What if every combination of letters/words were in a library?
This X does not exist A list of websites that create things that do not exist
Wiby Search engine that tries to recreate the old internet days