Helpfull websites

A list of websites that are handy tools.

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Guitar playing

Name Description URL
JustinGuitar Justin has great free beginner tutorials for guitar playing
Ultimate Guitar Tabs For acquiring guitar tabs/chord sheets
DylanChords A website with almost all Bob Dylan songs tabbed out
Songsterr Another website for chords/tabs for guitar playing


Name Description URL
Txtify Create plain text of website article URL shortener
Have I been powned? Check if accounts of yours were part of a dataleak
HDRihaven Free HDRi images to use in Blender
JUST THE DARN RECIPE Food recipes with just the ingredients and steps to follow
WolframAlpha A very good math website


Name Description URL A website with free books and articles
The Eye A pretty big file archive
Sci-Hub Research/knowledge should be public domain
LibGen Like sci-hub for finding articles The best torrenting website for high quality films Good general torrenting website A lot of torrents, but Russian